Diagnostic Quiz

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I am new to H5P and would like to know if there is a facility that would enable me to create a simple grammar quiz that would identify the quiz taker's grammar issues.  Ideally, the diagnostic would 'branch' to short follow-up lessons that each deal with an identified grammar issue. This may be a big ask I realize. Something simpler might work, however:  a quiz report which provides a score against each error type so the quiz taker knows what grammar issues to work on. Here is an example of what I have in mind:


Would this be something that H5P can do - and if it is - what would I need to do?

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Zigo1958,

I'm afriad this is not possible with the current features of the contents. It is however possible with the help of an LRS, H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in.

I highly recommend looking through these documentation: