Interactive video - edit multiple questions

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to edit the css of the iframe that I embedded in my website. The main element that I want to edit is the multiple choice question.

I tried to connect the css to the iframe with JavaScript but that also doesn't work.

I would like for example to remove the star that appears on the question, to remove the summary at the end of the video and change the opacity of the background color. 

Thank you,


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Hi Shoval!

You cannot edit an iframe that's embedded from another server (unless it's explicitly allowed by so called CORS headers). Otherwise the web would be open for massive security threats. It's not a restriction of H5P by the way, but general browser behavior.

If you want to restyle H5P, you will have to host it yourself. In that case, you can follow the customization guide at



Thank you very much Oliver!

Thank you Oliver but unfortunately I am not using Moodle or WordPress is there any other way?

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Hi Shoval,

I'm afaid not. The only way to change the look of H5P is what Oliver suggested. Also it is advisable to either host your own contents or sign up for since is meant to test H5P and not to be used for critical and important contents.