Global options or mass edit H5Ps in Moodle

I am running a course on Moodle and have about 100 H5P interactive videos with about 200-250 interactive tasks total. The Moodle plugin offers a list of H5P content. (See the screenshot) It would be useful if I could either mass edit the H5Ps on this list, or set global overrides for different options.

Particularly, I would like to edit the general display options (Display action bar and frame, Download button, Copyright button) and the Behavioural settings of Interactive Videos. 

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Hi mronkko,

The display options already has a global setting, you can see this by going to Site Administration -> Plugins -> H5P settings.

H5P display settings

For the other request I think this is a great idea specially if you need specific settings for particular content type.


Ideally I would like this to be a per-course setting. On a large Moodle installation, it is difficult to change the global settings. It would be much easier if a teacher of an individual course could mass edit this setting.

Forcing the download link to not appear on a site-wide basis is not a good solution, because some teachers, like I, want to download the H5P files and edit them directly instead of using the UI. After am done wiht the edits, I would like to disable all download linkts on my course. Currently this requires reviewing each H5P, which is quite a bit of work.


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Hi Mikko,

Thank you for additional information and I think in your scenario it does make sense for this type of setting. I hope the core team or someone in the community picks this up and create the feature.