Interactive Video as Collaborative open video


i was asking myself if H5P interactive Video could be changed. Currently the teacher has to edit the tasks and then the learner can watch the video and fulfill tasks.I am thinking about a solution, where the learners can edit the video in the course. As example have a look at youtube. When you jump to a certain bookmark something like a "chat" or discussion can happen like at youtube. i.e. You jump to the bookmark 2.3 minutes (this little green and purple points at the timeline of the video) and there you can read the discussion from different members about this marked video spot.

Do you have any clue if something like this exists?

King regards

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Hi Steve,

I'm not familiar with any such solutions as you are describing. And Interactive Video isn't really intended to be a collaborated trough in such a way.

But good luck finding something that will work for you. Let us know what you find.

- Tom

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The first question I would ask is this: "Can a certain point in time of a video be linked to, so a visitor would be able to jump right into a presentation, instead of starting and viewing the whole thing.
Would that be helpful?

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Hi centroamericatv,

Yes you can by using the "crossroad" option in Interactive video.