Problem with W3 Total Cache and CDN video delivery

I am trying to add H5P interactivity to several long videos (30 minutes and longer) which are stored in the cloud and delivered through a CDN. To connect the CDN to WordPress, I need to use W3 Total Cache. But I have found that when I use W3 Total Cache, the H5P shortcodes don't work on my posts.  When I de-activate W3 Total Cache, H5P works fine.  

Can anyone make a suggestion? Is there an alternative to W3 Total Cache? It would be a shame if I need to choose between showing the videos and using H5P interactivity!



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Hi Russel,

We have been compatible with W3 Total Cache (with certain configurations) in the past.

If we aren't compaitible anymore, we have look into making some improvements to become compatible. I created an issue on it here.

- Tom