Suggestion nicer Content type selector on Moodle plugin?


Many thanks for all your work on H5P thus far, its being used more and more here and we're getting very positive feedback.

I note on the Moodle plugin the selector of the H5P type to create is just a drop down (incidentally we changed the lang string from "Editor" to "Content Type" as that seem to make more sense from the users perspective) and was also wondering if worth making the selection more attractive i.e. perhaps instead of just a drop down maybe a gallery with icons for each installed type would work?

Once the editors themselves load they're very intuitive and well presented but the editor selection seems a little sparse so one suggestion would be to make it more of a picking from a gallery of available types rather just a functional drop down.

Just a suggestion :-)

Thanks again for all your hard work,




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Very good point :)

The core team is working on a major improvement to the content type selector for the next release. 

Stay tuned :)