Drag Text - Allow for greater points for certain words

It would be incredible if we could assign point values to the draggable words. This would allow us to set some words as higher value than others. I would imagine something like... 

   When these words join together they form a *sentence*:a group of words#2.

This would value the word "sentence" at 2 points instead of 1. Increasing the value of the activity. 

Adjustable point values for drag text, etc.
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Ideally this would be standard also in the Fill In the Blank content type.

2 points, or 10. . . the possibility of a *super-score#10* is a great way to drive engagement . . .

I hereby give this suggestion 100 points!

While we're on the subject, the ability to vote up a suggestion is potentially a better way to organize feedback loops for developer engagement.

Why not also give more weight to the upvotes of H5P users  who have been historically more engaged with the project?

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Hi Kiosa Coup,

Thanks for the suggestions, you too! :)

Regarding feedback loops. The core team has talked a bit about letting the community have a clearer voice, in deciding what to prioritize trough some sort of voting system. I don't know when that will relalized though. 

- Tom

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Hi Mwilday,

Thanks for you thoughts. I think there is definatly some potential to imporove the scoring mechanisms. 

- Tom

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I'm not convinced this new feature of different scores for different words would be worth the while. And how would you make it clear to the end-users that some blanks are worth more than others?

We're looking more toward our moodle integration so that professors who are looking to make assignments worth more points, this would accommodate that request. You could easily include information in the head of the drag-text assignment, - in line - or wherever you wanted. You tell them the following questions are worth 5 points a piece... and make it part of the assignment. You can dictate that value, and express it to them anytime you want... ie. 

 ||||This is a *sentence* which is constructed from multiple words. 
 ||||The following blank is worth 5 points: 
 ||||The *paragraph*:groupings of sentences:#5 is made up of multiple sentences. 

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Hey guys,

Two things... :)

One, I think people making feature requests, and the community discussing them is super important. It helps the core team understand what the community wants, and how the commuity thinks. So I'm really happy that you guys are spending your time thinking about how to make H5P better!

Two, Regarding this discussion. I think there is always important to strike a balance between adding more complex features to a content type, and keeping the simplicity for beginners. So we have have to think carefully before adding more syntax to the editor. It's always a posibility to fork (create a copy of) a content type, and take the new content type in a different, more complex direction for advanced users too.

Thanks guys!

- Tom

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You wouldn't. The user would find out the first time they got a superpoint, and then the possibility of a superpoint would add adrenaline to every interaction thereafter. You wouldn't want to be handing out a lot of them, or the dreaded Habituation would set it. Do you remember the first few times you got a Gold Star? And a page dedicated to announcing that you'd done "Very Well"?

But the Flashcards, for instance, don't have a Gold Star. Or the option to retry - or apply a random sort, or a dedicated "Very Well" page. It's terribly disappointing. So it starts to be nothing, when you start to take it for granted, but then when you don't get it, you realize you'd been counting on it.

I wouldn't put it at the top of the Scrum Board, but if it's low hanging fruit, to deploy across all quiz types (or at least the most frequently used), I say give that baby a green light.

Particularly if you have some sort of leaderboard fuzzy logic percolating in the background.

I don't mean to imply that the flashcards should be at the top of the Scrum Board either, btw.