Reports available to other authors, admins, and collabs

We use the same assignment accross different courses in Canvas, but only the author is able to view the reports, Is it possible to make other users (other then learners) the ability to see the reports of H5P content. We have requirements that only certain authors can edit content for our courses per education rules, thus we can not give editing power to our teachers. If collaborators or another group of roles could be created for H5P, that does not have edit controls but are able to see reports, this would solve our issue. I was very surprised that Admins and Superusers could not see reports of others content. 

Reports for other users to view without edit power
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In our university we are also finding this role is becoming needed. Our authors are often not the teacher and sometimes the teacher is not trained as an author. This can lead to a teacher accidentally editing or even deleting a H5P activity and could be quite a serious loss of content.

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Hi All,

Since these are specific features I would suggest that you send the request directly to support. You can check the instructions on this page on how to get a hold of them.