H5P plugin reset?

Hey there,

We have tons of material created with H5P but there is one single module, the Timeline that we can't use. All material we create with Timeline can not be opened to view by the students: 'Exception - Call to a member function get_content() on boolean'. All the other H5P plugins work perfectly and even Timelines can be opened to edit, but not to view.

So, I wonder if it is possible to reset the Timeline plugin. Or can we remove (and install again) H5P completely without loosing the content we created with (I mean would removal of H5P from Moodle erase all the related parts of courses)?

H5P plugin reset
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Hi Hellsing!

I think several people have experienced this problem. Is it possible for you to share a link to a timeline content that's not working?



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Hi Oliver,

Thank you for the assistance, however their content is in an intranet as per helsing's reply in this thread.


Hi Otacke,

Oliver is right. we are on intranet so I can't give you access.

I just realized yesterday that all the H5P plugins have their icons in the All content types box except Timeline. I think something went wrong when I installed this plugin.

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Hi all!

I just searched the forum for the get_content() issue, and I assume the problem is similar to what's described in a post that I found. I assume that Thomas' answer is applicable here as well.