Warum wird die Bewertung in H5P nicht in Moodle angezeigt?

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Ich verzweifle ... Kann mir jemand sagen, warum die Ergebnisse (Punkte) der H5P-Aufgaben in Moodle nicht unter den Bewertungen angezeigt werden? 

Ich finde es einfach nicht und wäre unendlich dankbar für Hilfe.

Viele Grüße Marion 



Bewertungsanzeige in Moodle
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Hi  coffey2104,

Which content type are you using? Are you having the same issue for all content types.



I'm having the same problem.

I created most of the available contents, i.e. questionnaire(open ended question), video, image pairing,..., but when I'm doing the tasks I never get any feedback. It's still stuck at 0% progress. The only thing which is working for me is Multiple Choice and True or False, where you can give exact answers.

Greetings Mo

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Hi Mo,

The content types you mentioned either do not generate xAPI statements which is how the H5P contents send the grades to and LMS like Moodle or the content needs to be manually graded.


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Hi Marion, 

Hi BV52

same happened to me. Thanks for informing us that this is how the activities were developed, but it's a pity because teachers need to track the performance of their students.