H5P Con 2020 Question

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Hello, H5P community!

I had a question regarding H5P Con 2020 and the recent call for papers. I submitted a proposal on behalf of my company (Bisk Education) but received no confirmation email that the submission had been received (not sure if there should have been). Furthermore, when I looked at the H5P Con 2020 website this morning, I attempted to sign up for the newsletter to receive updates (using my company email), but I never received the confirmation email that was sent. I checked my spam folders, etc., but have still not received anything. I then tried signing up using my personal email address, and that went through immediately. I'm wondering if there's something with MailChimp that isn't getting along with my company email address?

I mainly just wanted to make sure my company's proposal was submitted. Is there anyone I can contact separately about this?

Thank you!

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Hi Nick,

In general, all questions about the conference should be sent to [email protected]

Thank you for submitting a session! The system does not send out emails when you submit your session. Instead it shows you a confirmation message when you've submitted, and I can confirm that we have your submission on file.