Technical Questions / System Setup

The following technical questions are of interest for us

1. Technical structure of H5P

     System architecture?
    System Requirements (what do we have to provide to run H5P completely on our own?)


2. Player

1.    Options?

2.    When is which player used? > Hosting of Videos

3.    Compatibility with operating systems, browsers and devices?


3. Editor

1. Where and how can it be used?

2. When in Browser: Where is it and how and where is the data stored?


4. Hosting of the videos

 1.    What are the technical and qualitative requirements for video hosting?

2.    Which formats must be provided (: H.264 and webM, ??)

3.    What is the interaction between the Player / Editor and Videohosting?

4. Are there restrictions in the access to videos if x or y?


5. Data storage

1.    Where are the individual components of the system?

2. "calling home" function?

6. Participation model

 How can the end user / licensee influence the development of the product?

7. Integration into LMS / Campus IT

1.    Plugins open source?

2.    Who maintains the plugins?

3. Is there an LTI connection (existing or clearly planned) – or does it interact as a Moodle plugin?

8. Legal form of the company

     Owner, partner, participant, etc.
    Short and medium-term financing model of the company?


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Let me try to briefly answer your questions:

1. Technical structure

I created a documentation page for this here. H5P requires a publishing system like Drupal, WordPress or Moodle, search for their system requirements and also note our recommended PHP settings.

2. Player

I don’t think I understand #1 and #2, but perhaps they are answered above. Most content types are currently tested on IE 11 and Edge, newest versions of FireFox, Safari and Chrome on OSX, Windows, iOS and Android

3. Editor

See technical structure.

4. Hosting of videos

The default behavior of H5P is to store the videos to the publishing platforms file folders. H5P does not have built in video transcoding so you must upload videos on formats that will play in the browsers you’re targeting. Normall .mp4 files works well. Many H5P sites using custom video handling, for instance video transcoding and storage in Amazon.

5. Data storage

In the publishing systems upload folders and database by default. H5P has a calling home feature for statistics that may be disabled. It is document here.

6. Participation model

We try to document this here. Also for code maintained by the core team there will be various forms of voting soon.

7. Integration into LMS / Camput IT

Plugins are open source, yes, see technical overview.

Currently most of them are maintained by the H5P Core Team.

H5P has a Moodle plugin, and the creators of H5P plan to create an H5P SaaS with LTI this year.

8. Legal form

We plan to create an H5P foundation. Currently most of the code and infrastructure is created by the Norwegian company Joubel.

Joubel has 25 sponsors in 10 countries and funding for the Norwegian government. Funding for the current level of activity is secured for 2017 and 2018 and it is very likely that Joubel will hire a lot more people this year and the next.

Is it possible to reference (link) to a MP4 on our local video mangement system?

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The player runs on pure HTML5, correct? It would then look like and would be different from the otherwise used JWPlayer in Moodle. If this is a problem: Is there is a way to use the JWPlayer and H5P simultaneously?
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In CoursePresentation and other places we use the built in player without any styling. In Interactive Video we use our own.

H5p says that it has a Moodle plugin, and the creators of H5P plan to create an H5P SaaS with LTI this year.

  1. Do you know dates already by now?
  2. Can we host the SaaS (Software as a Service) ourselves or is it it only cloud based?


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  1. We don't know the dates
  2. Some components developed for will probably be shared, but the entire stack probably won't be shared.