Question set not picking up pass mark.

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I'm having trouble with multiple choice question sets. I've set the pass mark and added text specific to whether the user passes or fails but this text is not showing when I have completed the quiz.  At the end of the test I get a score ' you scored 2 of 7' but I don't see the specific text regarding pass or fail depending on the score. How do I get this to apprear? Is it a bug or am I setting it up inccorectly. Please see the screenshots below to see my setup. 

I'm using Drupal and H5p version 7.x-1.6. Question Set Library version 1.6.2

Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. 



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Hi hornet_ant!

You have obviously been changing the default CSS - pretty neat by the way! Have you already checked whether you touched the classes "result-header" and "result-text"?

Might as well be a bug in the quite old Question Set version that you seem to be using if it is really 1.6.2. Is it? I just had a quick test with version 1.12.0, and everything's working like a charm.

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I agree with otacke. You should update both the H5P module and the libraries. I would advise you to do it on a test environment first. Also, we always recommend taking backup of theDB and H5P-files before upgrading.

I have created an example where you can se the feedback showing:

Thank you both for your replying. The problem was the version, we've updated and its working perfectly. 

Cheers, Ant


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Glad to be of service!