Feature request? Nested Accordion

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I think it would be good to have one more nested layer of accordion objects. "Add Sub-panel" under the text box. Too many and it gets to visually complicated. 

one more nested layer of accordion objects
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Thank you for the suggestion, we'll let you know when the feature request has been reviewed and prioritized in the feature request list.

This would be an amazing feature please! My accordions are so long would be great to split them into sub panels for a better user experience 

Please allow use of image in accordion

I think the use of images in stacks makes a visually appealing content creation. 

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Hi, please create a separate feature request in order for this to be evaluated properly: Feature Requests


Is there any update on this, I can see very old threads but no solution.


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Hi verve,

Accordion has been added to Column so this request in a way has been implemented.


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"Accordion has been added to Column so this request in a way has been implemented"

That is not quite the same. I agree with the OP that nested fields in the H5P Accordion content would be useful.