Rendering H5P content in Zenodo - possible?

I was wondering if it would be possible to have H5P content stored on Zenodo, one of Europe's largest catch-all repositories available.

So, that I as a user can upload an H5P package, have it indexed with a DOI, and not only stored as .h5p-file, but also rendered as actual content (I'm particularly thinking towards the presentation module, but other elements would be great, too :) )

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H5P in Zenodo?
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I guess this all depends on whether Zenodo is willing to support H5P content out-of-the-box. In general, it should be feasable to collect the metadata of a h5p package and also to display content (see for a standalone player that is capable of playing h5p content without a server).


However, as far as I could gather from Zenodo's website, the purpose of Zenodo seems to be to make content permanently available to users (meaning also in 50, 100, 500 years!). I think that ever-changing nature of a H5P server (changing core API, content type upgrades etc.) is not suitable for long-term storage and display. That's why H5P content needs to be packaging together with a player and all dependencies, to be compatible with a platform like Zenodo (in my opinion). Do you have more information whether Zenodo allows uploading websites that use JavaScript?

Hi there! Thanks for looking into this ... tbh, I'm not an expert on the more technical side of things.

As far as I understand it, Zenodo is built on CERN's Invenio Framework, which in turn now supports React as javascript library. See for more on the in-depth specs :)

Zenodo definitely supports other kinds of rendering, such as PDF or PowerPoint slides, so I suppose if h5p's player could somehow be integrated in Zenodo, users could upload .h5p packages created in other host systems such as or any WordPress site.