Does H5P support only for Vimeo Pro?

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Dear all,

I want to know whether H5P has support for Vimeo business, premium or not.

And how to use it?

Any helping me!

Best regards,


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Hi Jd,

I think it's best that you direct the question to Vimeo regarding this. H5P supports any video hosting site as long as they provide the source URL for the video. In Vimeo's case you can get the source URL if you have Vimeo Pro but I'm not sure if they provide the same with other subscription types.


Vimeo's set-up means that you can't play the "normal" video in a third-party player, i.e. H5P. To use Vimeo videos with H5P, you need to grab the "Direct link to video file". Vimeo has a help page on how to do that here:

"Vimeo Premium, Business, and Pro members have access to the direct links to their converted video files, which can be used to download or play videos hosted on Vimeo through a third-party player or web page. "

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Hi chantalschipper88,

Thank you for the information and the link.