ALT tags for images in h5p-php-library?

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This is kind of a feature request, but I guess a developer discussion might help: I was asked whether I could allow setting the ALT tag for images in Image Juxtaposition. This would help to meet accessibility guidelines.

Of course, it would be simple to do that, but I wonder if it was more efficient to enhance the h5p-php-library. It already allows to attach copyright information to images, and it could be used to set the ALT tag (and possibly other additional attributes?). This way, other content types that use images would not have to add an additional field to semantics.json each.

What do you think?

Add ALT text option to Editor Image Fields
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It's a good idea and it should probably have been there from the start as most images on the web require ALT text. Regarding the solution, I think we would have to involve a semantics option to enable/disable the ALT text as some image fields are used purely for design purposes, i.e. background-image. Though, the author should probably be made aware of this – that the image can't give context to the content or task without an ALT text. 

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I'll have a look and see if I can figure out a solution.