Getting started

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I make eLearning modules for school lessons with Captivate, courselab and powerpoint. I would like to shift to h25 for content creation and subsequently become developer. Can any one who has taken this route before suggest a roadmap.

Trying to put myself into your position I would probably:

  1. Google for HTML5 tutorial, javascript tutorial, css tutorial and so on
  2. If possible learn HTML5 from someone close to you
  3. Do a Drupal for beginners tutorial and get Drupal up and running on a local server
  4. Do the H5P greeting card tutorial

If you're an HTML5 developer already becoming an H5P developer is done in a few hours. Becoming an HTML5 developer if you don't have a background as a developer will probably take weeks and months.

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Hello Joubel,
Thanks for the response. Getting hold of HTML5,CSS and JavaScript tutorials or buying books wont be an issue. I am also prepared to put in the effort required over few months to learn. However,for me getting hold of a server will be an issue as I work out of home on my laptop. I suppose I will have to think this over a bit.
Anyway your response is very encouraging and informative. Thank you once again.


No matter what OS you use on your laptop you should be able to install a web server on it. There are good tutorials/instructions for that online. Try to Google "How to install apache, mysql and php on my windows/linux/mac"

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I have started learning HTML5 and CSS. Found a good eBook. This should take me few months and then java script and learning to install a web server on my laptop. Hope to become h5p developer in about 6 months or so.
Thanks for getting me on the way.