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My application is on Adobe Flex with Microsoft .Net (For services) and
Microsoft SQL (For database). It is an offline application. I would like to
know can i integrate H5P with my application. If yes, let me the process to
do the same.

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It is not possible at the moment. Which H5P Features would you need for this application? We're planning to add an export option so that H5Ps may be created for instance on and exported to web folders that may be included in for instance offline applications. Web folder will be a folder with an index.html file, all needed css, js and multimedia files++

Hi! We are looking for some interactive contents. Can you please let me know from where can i download HTML5 sample content. I checked out some few contents available under Examples and Downloads but i could not find the same.

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Are you using Wordpress or Drupal? See getting started.

I had installed drupal 2 separate servers. one server is having windows and another is having linux. I could able to import the downloaded content and it worked fine. Now following are my queries.

1. Can i run h5p content on a LAN without installing Drupal or Wordpress? The Internet will not be available on LAN.

2. Is their any link from where i can download H5P supporting libraries to run the content without internet?

3. Is H5P is available for Android? I need to execute H5P content from SD Card. The Android tablet will not have internet. Will it work?

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I'm afraid the answers to your queries aren't what we would have wished the to be:

  1. Not yet. We will add an export feature that allows this, but isn't available yet.
  2. Not yet, see above.
  3. Not yet, we will add an Android app that can play H5P files, but haven't started on it yet.