disable spellcheck in dictation

speelcheck in browser is not disabled in dictation... My students love that !

An update would be great, so they can no longer cheat :-)

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Hi Salle34!

I am not sure if that's possible at all, but I will have a look.

Update: Will be changed in the next release.




Thank you for your answer. 

If it helps, it works with my own exercises (done with hotpotatoes). I use JQUERY when the page is loaded: 

$('input').attr('spellcheck','false');//remove speelcheck

$('input').attr('autocomplete','off');//remove autocomplete

You can see an example on my website: https://www.salle34.net/dictee-du-brevet-2019-metropole/

Chris. Salle34

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I aready changed that yesterday. https://github.com/otacke/h5p-dictation/commit/933e5d2426d8831491181a834ce33cb75e5b47a6