Joomla error

I am getting this error in joomla 3.2.3:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method JController::getInstance() in /home/verlesh/public_html/h5p/administrator/components/com_h5p/h5p.php on line 15

I don't think our Joomla integration is up to date. I think we're compatible with the latest 2.x version. I'm not sure about 3.x. I will check with the Joomla guys and update the Joomla project page with what version of Joomla we currently support.

We're a bit unsure as to how much effort we should put into our Joomla version. With Drupal you have a download counter and other statistics. With Joomla we don't know how many users we have, so we don't update the Joomla integration as often as the Drupal integration, but we will update it soon

Thanks. will try it with drupal.

Just wanna second that, having this tool compatible with Joomla 3 / Moodle would be awesome! I use both and can see benefits for both. In joomla it would get if you could add this content into an article using a text editor like tiny MCE or something particularly!

Thanks for a great tool!

Can H5P be used with Moodle

This thread as mostly about the same question.

Please don't hesitate to report if you have any problems with the Drupal integration. There shouldn't be any problems at all on the D6 and D7 versions.

Installation went well. But when i create a h5p content the link takes me to h5p website (Look for more content types on ... i believe i am missing something.

You need to download an H5P file from and upload it to your Drupal site. By doing this your drupal site will learn to create new content types. You can find downloadable content types here. (Click on the download button below the example, I recommend starting with something simple like fill in the blanks)

And thank you for the feedback! We obviously must improve the "new user" experience in H5P!