Interactive Video Multiple Choice questions STILL scored as 0 when re-watched

There has been no action and no updates on this issue in the bug tracker. It was originally raised in a forum post in September 2017 and finally added to the bug tracker in January 2019. It is listed as "Medium" priority but has yet to be assigned. Unfortunately I do not have any monetary resources or developer expertise to offer to get this investigation moving. It is not a fancy request for elaborate new features; hundreds of faculty at my institution just want to be able to ask Multiple Choice questions in Interactive Video and have them be scored correctly for their thousands of students.

If anyone out there in the H5P Community can help investigate a fix, many faculty and students would be extremely grateful.

Description of the problem

There is an error in the way Multiple Choice questions are scored in Moodle when an Interactive Video is re-watched. I have written a bug report document  with screenshots describing various conditions and testing scenarios under which this occurs. H5P files referenced in the document are attached below. I'll offer a condensed version here.

  • Platform: Moodle 3.6

  • Desktop

  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari

  • H5P plugin version 1.14

  • H5P content types: Interactive Video, Multiple Choice (both updated on 01/17/2019)

    • Interactive Video - (1.20.3), previous versions (1.17.5)

    • Multiple Choice - (1.13.2), previous versions (1.12.0), (1.10.5)



The following statements apply to Interactive Video ver. 1.20.3.

Multiple Choice questions will be scored as 0 on subsequent Interactive Video attempts under either of the following conditions:

  • The student clicks on the “Submit Answers” button without re-watching the video

  • The student re-watches the video, and clicks only the “Check” and “Continue” buttons, without clicking on any answers


Multiple Choice questions will be scored correctly on subsequent Interactive Video attempts only if the student does all of the following:

  • Does not click on the “Submit Answers” button when it shows at the beginning of the subsequent attempt

  • Clicks “Play” to re-watch the video

  • On Multiple Choice questions:

    • Clicks on all selected answers to deselect them

    • Clicks on answers to select them again

    • Clicks on “Check” and “Continue” buttons

  • On the Submit screen after the attempt, clicks on the “Submit Answers” button

The grade for the Interactive Video will remain unchanged if a student opens an Interactive Video after the first completed attempt, but does not click on anything and just goes back to the course home page.

The major issue is that when an Interactive Video is re-watched, previous answers for Multiple Choice questions are already selected. When a student clicks on “Check” the automatic feedback for the question tells them that they answered correctly. However, the score that is recorded for that question does not match the automatic feedback given. This is extremely frustrating for students who want to review the video, having already answered the questions correctly, and receive a changed grade without changing any answers.


Recommended solution

If a student sees that their previous correct answers are already selected, and they click “Check” and receive feedback that they (again) answered the question correctly, then the correct score matching the feedback should be recorded for that question instead of being changed to zero.


I'm hoping there can be some movement on this issue soon.



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