Customize Drag & Drop to test quantity.


Hello H5P community,


I need to hire a developer to customize the content type Drag & Drop. I need it to be able to test quantity instead of a right or wrong answer. 

Ideally, a dropzone would be given a number of draggables to be dropped in. If the number of draggables is met the dropzone will return correct.

The draggables will be all equal, however, we will not be using the "Infinite number of element instances", instead, we will be adding as many draggables as required to fill the dropzones. 


Here is the discussion I had with BV52 who kindly referred me to this forum:

Here is what I accomplished to do without any customization:

If someone out there can accomplish something like this, I would love for you to get in touch. 


Thank you


Alex Guzman
[email protected]







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After further discussion with Alex I am pleased to report that I have added a new "draggables quantity & value" feature to my own library of Drag & Drop. More details on my Drupal test site as usual at

Go to MENU / H5P Drag & Drop / Drag & Drop activities / Quantities & Values section.

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Hi Papi Jo,

Thank you for creating this and thank you for sharing. 

I just tried it out and it very cool! If I'm not mistaken for the last drop zone you created a variable wherein depending on the apples how many worms is needed and/or vice versa.


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I've added a "Settings" accordion element to that "apples and worms" activity. So you can see exactly how it works. The idea behind it is practising addition and substraction.

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Thanks Papi Jo

Hi papi jo, I just post a message here to say thank you ! I'm building some exercices for a MOOC right now and your modifications of the Drag & Drop content is almost exactly what I needed !

I found your contribution before I tried to mess with the code and it'll be a great time saver :)


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You're welcome!