File type isn't allowed.

I have found (in creating a branching scenario) that H5P is a little sensitive about file types.

Here are the two problems I have had:

  1. I had the message, "File type isn't allowed," when I tried to load pictures saved with Paint as JPG. I found that I could work around the issue by saving the files as PNG. A little irritating, but I can certainly live with that.
  2. I had the same message when I tried to load pictures saved directly from PowerPoint as PNG, Again, I found a work around by opening them in Paint and saving them again as a PNG file.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


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Hi Louis,

You are correct this is a bug but there is a workaround by changing the file extension to lower case. You can check this thread for more details.



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Hi any news on this bug fix?


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Hi EdRiley!

Not according to



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Hi EdRiley,

No resolution yet but the workaround should work for the time being.