Urgent: iOS 13.2 and Moodle 1.17


  1. Moodle 3.5.9
  2. Touchscreen iOS 13.2.3
  3. Browser: Firefox and Safari
  4. H5P 1.17.2
  5. Course Presentation Component

We have noticed that when using a touchscreen iOS device, that button presses are not always working.

Does work:  General navigation, moving through screens within course presentation, drag and drop

Does not work:  Multiple choice questions within the course presentation. Both selecting an answer and then using the 'check' button, neither work. Also, question marks denoting further comment. 

This is a major issue and has not always existed. I do not know if it caused by 1.17.2 or by iOS 13.2.3

**** Update. We believe that H5P Moodle 1.17 was not working with iOS 13.2.2 onwards. Upgrading to H5P 1.20 has fixed the issue.


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Hi jp,

I am unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned above. Can you try checking this content if you will have the same issue?


Add new activity/resource > H5P > Course Presentation > Details > Use

Slide 1 > Add Multiple Choice 

Slide 2 > Add text with comments



As a test user enter component > test > all works fine


As the first user go back into the course presentation, make changes to box sizes on slides. Save


As the test user re-enter, now quiz question is unresponsive, and comments are not displayed.



There is definitely an issue here, we can see the issue with 2 different users across a variety of iOS devices. Upgrading to the latest version of H5P has made it better for sure, but we are not sure it fixes it completely. 

The page you set up works fine, can you now go in and make a change to that page please, perhaps resize the box, then save.

Here is an example, I press '3' in this case, the selection goes pink, but the circle does not get filled, and 'check' is unresponsive.

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Hi jp,

Are you still having this issue? You mentioned above that it has been resolved with the update but I am not sure since I do not have access to timestamps when it was edited.


Thank you, yes all fixed, I edited the post in case others are affected, I'm sure some will be.

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Hi jp,

Thank you for confirming and I'm glad it's working for you now.