A suggestion: Moodle plugin as HTML editor plugin

Hi all,

I like the richness of the H5P activity plugin, but I do not like that every instance of the plugin is a standalone activity. In my opinion the usability of the plugin would be greatly increased if it could be offered as an HTML editor plugin in Moodle, so that the H5P activies could appear embedded in pages, books, lessons and the description of basically every other activity in Moodle.

Now, I presume that this would involve a huge amount of coding, so I am labeling this as a mere suggestion, not a feature request.

A simpler alternative, although not without its drawbacks (This would not work for us), would be to allow embedding of material created on-site at h5p.org in Moodle HTML editors.


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Thanks! I think many agree with you on this, and it will probably be done, but the Core Team has now ETA for this.