Presentation Text align

I'm workign with the course presentation Content in moodle, when I put some text with center align, when i save it show all text with left align, and when i edit the content it show that all is in left align.


Platform: Moodle
Browser: Chrome 57.0.2987.133
H5P plugin version: 1.1 (then last one)
H5P content type version: CoursePresentation 1.16

Content types: 
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I've not been able to reproduce your bug. But I will try again with some different settings a bit later today.

- Tom

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Could you try to reproduce this here on



in here i center both the text and the table, but when i save to publish, it show them left

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I see there's a bug when using the 'Heading 2' or 'Heading 3' paragraph format with styling. I've created an issue for getting it fixed: HFP-967

Also, in the table content, because it don't  respet any aling text, only left