H5P Embed with xAPI script

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Hello, I have a Drupal server with H5P up and running and talking to our instance of Learning Locker (installed locally) to get all the xAPI statements that are sent out. 

One thing I was wondering is if it is possible to have the H5P content that is being embedded to send statements back to our LRS? 

Looking at things like the Tin Can Prototypes https://tincanapi.com/download-prototypes/ I see that it is possible to create a standalone "package" that has a configuration file that will tell it what LRS to write xAPI files, so i was thinking if a .js file could be included with the embed code, or inside the H5P content itself, with this configuration.

It is most likely much more involved than I am making it out to be.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thank you


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Hi Roman,

Yes, there are ways to create tin can packages with these kinds of configurations. This is not part of the ADL specification as far as I know, but it is being used and we will be looking into it for future versions of H5P. If you want to look into this more I will be happy to participate and also review any pull requests related to this.


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Great to hear, I will report on any work that I do to move this along. Thanks for all your hard work ^_^