Forgive me if this has been raised already but I request for more customisation of the H5P content to be granted via way of a tool bar which would allow for changes to colours and sizes of content etc. Or at the very least, a video tutorial explaining how to do it with CSS and php.



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I agree that a configuration interface would be the optimal solution, until then, perhaps a video guide supplementing the WYSIWYG Text Editor Buttons guide would be helpful?

Feel free to point out any areas in the guide that needs improving.

I think the text editor information is ok. What i am more specifically talking about is the ability to change the colours of the buttons and result boxes etc. At the moment we have blue, green and a yellow in the progress/result bar and grey for the multiple choice background colour which would need to be changed to match the colours of users themes. Yes, there is some documentation available giving a breifing as to how to modify colours using php and css but in my experience it hasn't always sucessfully or if it did work, it only worked for one type of task. There are probably some who wouldn't even have a clue how to modify php and css or be  too afraid to attempt any change, but if there were a video detailing the steps it could help until a more flexible configuration interface is available.

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Ah, I see, we should really have a guide that makes it easier to adapt the theme to fit with the current user's site. Thank you for your input, it's valuable for improving H5P.