H5P Interactive Video - free tutorial movies

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Hi everyone

I've recently published a small set of movies explaining how to create a H5P Interactive Video.

It's 15-20 minutes, split into 3 separate movies, so you can learn in small chunks :-)

I've just made these available for public viewing on our YouTube Channel, in a H5P Paylist, so feel free to use them !

You can use them to learn how to create the H5P Interactive Videos yourself, or use them for staff trainnig purposes if you wish?


Enjoy !

Stuart :-)

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Hi Stu,

Thank you for sharing this with the community :-)


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Happy to help!

I think it really helps if people can see a finished resource, and how it's put together step-by-step. The Interactive Movie content type is so flexible - and amazing that it can all be done in the browser! - with no need to use difficult to learn (and often expensive) other softeware applications.