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The new features are great. And also, I was wondering whether it would be possible to add a voice recorder option (like the examples in the attachment) to the 'add audio files' section, especially in the dialog card content. I think this would give more flexibility to the content creators. Otherwise, they have to record, edit and then upload the audio file to the server.  

Thumbs up!



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I agree! That would be a great feature. Will be considered :) The list of features to implement is quite long already though, so might take some time.
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At the risk of adding mountains of work, I have two related thoughts about the audio recorder:

  1.  in addition to offering downloadable versions of audio, it would be great to have it save to the server as an assignment type where it can be listened to and graded by an instructor.
  2. a listen and repeat option would be great.  It does not necessarily have to download...just to practice pronunciation.  Something like the "Poodll Shadow" mentioned here.


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For your first suggestion, that is something that has been planned. I am not sure when it will be available.

The listen and repeat option is something I think could be implemented as a separate new content type. Here's a suggestion on how it could work:

  1. The author uploads an audio file
  2. The author selects stages in the audio, where the playback should stop, and it should start recording the student's input.
  3. When the student is finished, he can download an audio file which is a combination of the original uploaded file, and the student's own recordings.

Do you think that would be useful?

Is that first suggestion where the audio files are uploaded to a server and could be listened to/graded available, or not yet?

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Hi Loaay,

I'm afraid this is not implemented yet.


Hi BV52,
For the audio recorder or with any other h5p content type can record audio of the students  audio files are uploaded to a server and could be listened to/graded available. am using moodle 3.9 with H5P


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Yes, as a language teacher, would find the implementation of the record audio into other content types likes course presentations to be extremely useful. You could not only teach about a word but also have students record the audio, then as discussed have it uploaded to a server for a teacher to mark. Anyhow, glad to know others are thinking similar things! 

Way to go H5P with the new audio record functionality! Really awesome!