Library List does not identify where activity/version is used, only number of instances

Please advise how we can identify where libraries and content are used in our LMS and how we can delete library versions, etc.

I read the library administration page and comments looking for instructions on how to identify where libraries were used before deleting or upgrading specific versions of libraries.

Libraries cannot be deleted if they have content and we cannot easily see where the content is.

ICC advised on 19 September 2016 that the option to delete "will be added to the plugin soon". This does not appear to be the case and the pages I read did not mention Moodle.

Environment: Our environment is Moodle 3.5.7+ and H5P 1.17 in PROD and H5P 1.20 in DEV while we investigate why the upgrade to 1.20 in PROD has caused some loss in fuctionality, e.g. existing activities cannot be edited and new activities cannot be created. Interactive Video seems to be the worst affected.