Capture Answer (image) and Display it Again Later In the Course

Hi all,

I have a course which requires learners to select an image from a group of 8. (using drag and drop)

I want to then recall that image later in the course and have the learners complete an essay type exercise, based on their earlier choice of image.

Anyone with any idea as to whether (and a little how)  I can do this using the combination of H5P, Learndash and WordPress and any associated plugins?

Many thanks.

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Hi Tony,

You can either enable the built in 'save content state' feature of H5P and then you can just reference the said Drag & Drop activity prior to answering the essay.


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Hi all!

BV is right. That's probably the best result you can achieve without (heavy) customization.



Thanks both,

I'm currently evaluating several options for a community interest project, so don't have the funds or time to dig too deep, but this looks worth spending some time on. Thanks.