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Is there a way to add a button so the users can return to their course without using the breadcrumbs? I find that at the end of an activity or at the bottom of a column, there's something missing to guide the user!

Many thanks!


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Hi, there is no already existing functionality for this.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Agreed - this would be a great feature. Maybe on the summary slide? I've tried adding a link back to the course home page, but it opens the course in a new tab - and I don't see a way to add it to the summary page (so anyone using the link skips the summary).

Maybe even a way to enter a URL to go to upon completion of presentation? That twould make it easy to link successive presentations or other H5P activities.




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I agree with your suggestions David. The link at the end of the presentation will definitely open a LOT of possibilities :-).


Thank you! I have no idea how difficult that would be to implement - but you are right that it would open a lot of possibilities.

Thanks for considering it!


Agreed. We were also hoping for this at the very begining of the setup for our LMS. It really halts the navigation for users to remember to go back and use the breadcrumbs instead of continuing the flow with a back to course button.




Could you use an embed H5P in a Lesson to acheive this?

Good idea - I think the user experience would be close to desired, but I don't think any grades form the embedded H5P would make it into the Moodle gradebook.



As of 3.4 (coming in November), there is the feature for next and previous activity navigation links for all activities, there will also be a "return to course" in a drop down menu.


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Great news, thanks for the update :)

Very good news - thanks!


Thanks for all your hard work on this fantastic plugin.

Just wondering how to put a "return to course" option into Moodle 3.4 for your activities?

Cheers Richard

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Hi Richard,

If you just mean a link at the top of the activity you can add that by modifying your current Moodle theme. There is plenty of ways to do this, so I would suggest getting familiar with theming to find out the best way for you to do it. Read more at Moodle's theme overview guide.

If you on the other hand mean inside the H5P activity you would need to find the URL to your course, then place a link to it inside the content. Several H5P content types supports links, such as Course Presentation, Interactive Video, etc. The URL to a course would typically be something like, where # is the ID of your course.

A Moodle plugin that adds navigation within resources and activites is available. It also has Mark as Complete for progress tracking. I use it with H5P, look at this:

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Hi nvcacademy,

Thank you for sharing this.



Just wanted to share we decided to do something a bit different to work around this. Since we don't generally like moodle's activity navigation, we put a "mask" for all SCORM and H5P packages. It includes and "Exit Activity" button on the top left corner.



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That is interesting, thank you for sharing!

Thank you very mush for this great product. However, i would like to know is there a simple way to get exit from H5P content from moodle' Like Exit Activity' link. Curretly i can't see any possibility to exit from an activity simply. Pls let me know how can i do that.

Further, is there a way to advance presentation slides automatically (like a slide show) in H5P. Pls guide me.

Thanks a lot..


In Moodle 3.9 (not sure about earlier versions), it is possible to add blocks within activities. I simply add an HTML block on the right side of my H5P content. The HTML block contains the text "return to course" linked to the course page URL. It takes up a bit of screen real estate, but so far seems to be the simplest Moodle solution I can find.