Drag and Drop not fully functional after restructuring

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I'm not using wordpress or drupal, just my plain website (being developed in laravel). 

I placed the h5p under public_html, and the drag-and-drop demo under practice (see screenshot).
For drag-and-drop I extracted the common folder into a source folder, and placed the variant code outside so I can have several practices. (see screenshot).

inside the practice (ba-vowels), h5p.json I changed the path of mainLibrary and machineName to point to source folder:
"mainLibrary": "../source/H5P.DragQuestion"
"machineName": "../source/H5P.Image" 

I attached a screenshot of the landing page code.

The drag-and-drop practice doesn't show.

Did I screw up somewhere? 


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Well, you kind of isn't supposed to do that :) It is possible but requires more work. You need h5p.js and more in order to make H5P work this way, I didn't see it in the screenshots. We will add an export feature to H5P so that H5P can export a folder with everything needed to make H5P work standalone, perhaps you would like to help with this feature?