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We are trying to create a drag and drop images exercice for a vocabulary task. Unfortunately, in the list of content that can be create, we can't find the right type to select (I've managed a drag and drop text) Has this something to do with the 'collage' option? Do you think it's possible to do a drag and drop exercise with text and image?

Many thanks for your answer !

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It's quite difficult to use the drag and drop content type for H5P and because of this it isn't available by default bit I've given you access to it now. When creating alternative you choose which drop zones they should be possible to drag to, double click the drop zones to provide the correct solution. Good luck!
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could i have access to the drag and drop option too ? It looks very interesting but i do not use wordpress nor drupal for teaching.

thank you


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Hello again i was wondering if the timeline option is the same than  the drag and drop one ? Is it also possible to have access to it without drupal and wordpress ?

Thank you for getting back to me.


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Your wishes have been granted. Hope you're able to use the less author friendly content types you know have access to :)
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That's great ! thank you.  No problem, it's not programming either... i thought it was fairly easy to use.

But i had just cloned a Boared game and adapted it... and found a drag and drop activity there, so that helped :)

Thank you so much for your help!


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I would like access to drag and drop.  I can not find it on the drop down menu.

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Hi carolus,

Welcome to H5P!


The content types offered on H5P.org are supposed to give new users examples of what H5P can do. Drag and drop for instance is a content type that is more difficult to use, and for this reason, it is not enabled by default.

I recommend that you check out the tutorials for these content types.


Visit ​https://h5p.org/access-to-all-content-types to get access to all content types