Guess the Animals - Flashcard example

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I've been creating some "Guess the Animals" fun H5P activities recently (inspired by my young daughters) - which has now turned into a small experiment building up a group of 'similar' activities, but attempting to showcase the individual functuionalities of each H5P content type.

So here's the first one - "Guess the Animals - Flashcards".

Free to link to this - you can use them yourself, with your own kids(!), or even in schools etc. Note that all resources are correctly attributed wherever possible.

If you spot any typing errors etc. let me know(?) and I'll update.

Stu :-)

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Hi Stu,

Thank you for sharing this. I had my daughter try it out and she enjoyed it a lot :-)


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Cool !  Kids are sometimes the most demanding audience ... not afraid to say "This is boring" or "I don't like this" ... so praise from young children is often the most genuine, lol.