Any way to mass update language packs to existing contents?


I have problem with language packs.

If you have existing content and even if you update the H5P-plugin, update the Content Type Cache, and update the needed Libraries of the content type, it does not update the language packs to the latest version.

Only way seems to be to go and find the Content -> Edit it -> Change the language to something else -> Then change the language back -> Then save. And do this for every h5p-presentation you have.  

Is there any other way to mass update to latest language packs? This is quite laborious when you have lots of h5p contents in your site. 

Tested with:
Moodle 3.6.6+ (build: 20190927)
H5P 1.20.1 (build 2019111300)

Content types: 
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Hi riiko,

I'm afraid there is no way to have a mass update for this specific feature.