Video recorder

it will be fantastic if we can have a video recorder via webcam !!!

Video recorder
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Hi! Great idea. It is registered and this post will be updated if the core team impleents this, but that will take a lot of time since our back log is pretty long already. Maybe others in the community would like to work on this?

This would be a killer feature +1 from me

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Yes, would love this!

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This feature would be awesome and would make the web (Moodle specifically) more accessible to students, giving them a platform for showing what they know and an option for explainging how they know it.

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Hi there!

I would be great if you can deveop a component for record from webcam , but mixed with questionaries. Like an interactive video mixed with Record video. 

For example, lets the students records themselfe responding some questions pre configured in the video. 

What o you think about your teacher ?

If you can improve something, what are your suggestions ?


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