Blackboard Ultra and Ungraded H5Ps

I am exploring how H5P content is deployed in a Blackboard Ultra course and have run into a problem.  I am familiar with the documentation at and confirm we are aligned correctly with that.  However, when I use the Books and Tools option to create an H5P content item, the new item is created with a gradebook item worth ten points.  There is no grading in the H5P so why is the gradebook creating a record for the item?

Is there a way we can reconfigure the LTI placement such that gradebook columns are only created for H5Ps with graded components?  A screenshot of the settings are attached along with a copy of the h5p involved.

Thank you!


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Hi Matthew,

I suggest that you send your question to the e-mail address that sent you the confirmation e-mail regarding your subscription. has a 24/5 support.