Drag the words resize

Width of drag the words resizes dynamically for mobile, but not vertically, so the words can't be dragged into the spaces at the top of the activity because they are off the screen. Embedded in blackboard item. 

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Hi Emma,

I don't think it is a good idea for the content to resize vertically since it would make the content unreadable if there are a lot of questions. However you are correct there is an issue with this, Drag the Words was designed that in smaller screens the the focus will follow the draggables. I have filed a bug report regarding this.



I've just started using H5P for my elearning course and needless to say I'm absolutely loving it so far.

However, I've just encountered this problem myself on my mobile device - the draggables at the bottom of the screen simply will not drag/scroll upwards - rendering the activity virtually useless on mobile devices. This seems to be a well documented issue spanning a number of years. Do you know if there has been a fix at all?

Many thanks!

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Hi all!

Please see my answer at https://h5p.org/comment/37700#comment-37700.