'Next activity' not refreshing after quiz

Please could someone let me know if I am doing something incorrectly.  

I have a Pre-Course Quiz that the students need to complete before starting the course lessons. This has been implemented as follows:

1. The Pre Course Quiz has the following Activity Completion criteria:

    Require result

Student must receive a result to complete this activity

2. Lesson 1 has a restriction that the Pre-Course Quiz needs to be completed with the following Access Restrictions:

  Student must complete the Pre-Course Quiz - must be marked as complete.

When the student completes the quiz and then clicks on the 'Next Activity' button, it is taking the user to 'Course Resources' which are not restricted. I am expecting the user to be taken to Lesson 1 as the Pre-Course Quiz has been completed. It seems as if the URL on the 'Next Activity' button is not being refreshed when the user completes the quiz.

Thanks in advance.

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