Downgrade from h5p 1.12 to 1.07, possbile or not?

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As tittle is self-explanatory, here is what I want to acheive:

I want courses that I created on current h5p editor (1.12), opened and saved in h5p 1.07 version.

Basically we have a issue implementing version 1.12 further, but version 1.07 would work fine.

What can I do here?

Any help?





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Hi Miki,

We haven't buildt in any downgrade functionality. New versions of content types have a upgrade script that is run on the data.

If you program a function that is the inverse of the update scripts, you might be able to get the data in a state that fits an older verision. But it might be too complex (and expensive for you to do) because of all the dependensies Course Presentation have.

Is there nothing you can do to move forward to a newer version instead? Is it a bug in h5p that is blocking you?

- Tom

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it is not because of a bug,

We built some custom code to allow us to track what page users are on and the number of points they should get for completing activities and we would have to update all of the custom code to make it work with the new version and we were just trying to avoid doing that.

Best regards!

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Hi Miki,

I'm guessting you are using a pre-xAPI version of H5P.

I would recommend you to actually do the rewrite of the integration, because it's become much much easier after we added the xAPI integration point.

With xAPI you don't have to do any changes to the Content Types (that locks into a specific version). Instead you have your own javascript code seperatly, listening to xAPI events from H5P.

H5P.externalDispatcher.on('xAPI', function(event){
  if (event.getScore() === event.getMaxScore() && event.getMaxScore() > 0){
    console.log('do something useful here');

- Tom

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Thanks for the help.

We will rewrite the code.