No Audio in Dialog Cards in the Round 2-3-... (Wordpress)

I have noticed, that if you repeat dialog cards with audios, you won't be able to hear the audio as nothing happens. As an illustration I am sending you the video:

Hopefully we could find the solution as soon as possible.

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Hi Sprechen-24,

Thank you for reporting this and thank you for the video. There is an exisitng bug report and you can follow the progress here.


You are welcome. Where should I put the code to fix the issue in the plugin? Or when should we expect the update?

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Hi Sprechen-24!

You'd have to merge the changes into the DialogCards content type library code. You can directly see where on the pull request on github that's referenced in BV's ticket.

However, unless the H5P core team includes it in the official sources, you'd have to do that whenever there's an update of DialogCards that you want to use.

In general, the H5P core team does not provide any dates related to finishing/adding features or bug fixes.