Difference between h5p.org demo and Wordpress?

Hi all,

EDIT: Never mind. I didn't look properly. This behaviour is consistent across platforms. I just find it strange behavior. Why would you show the correct answer immediately upon submitting a wrong one? What use for a "show solution" button then? This happens on the 'Single Choice Set' interaction, byt not on the 'Multiple Choice' one. Strange... Apologies for posting without proper testing/investigation! :-/

Just started experimenting with H5P (preparing online course because of Corona school closure...). I'm enthousiastic.

But could it be that the content types in Wordpress are slightly different from the ones on h5p.org? Are they older versions?

I experimented with the interactive video on h5p.org, and created a fresh Wordpress install to be able to self-host. But the interactive video on my Wordpress site behaves differently than my experiment on h5p.org. My main issue is that it immediately shows the right answer to a multiple choice (EDIT: 'Single Choice Set', in fact) question in green highlight if the user gets it wrong (without pressing the "show solution" button).

h5p.org seems to be running Drupal. Is running Drupal the best guarantee of always having the latest version of things?



Content types: 
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Hi Bob!

I noticed that you figured out your issue, but I'd like to confirm for others that there are no different content type versions for different host systems. They're the same.



Thanks for the confirmation. Good to know.

I figured out more of my misunderstanding: I had interpreted the difference between 'Single Choice Set' and 'Multiple Choice' as between questions with 1 or (potentially) multiple right options. But the single choice set seems to be made for questions where you really only want a first response, and no do-overs or retries. Makes sense, I guess. But the 'Multiple Choice' interation was what I was looking for and works great.

I don't find where buy licence ?


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Hi Elise,

You can head over to H5P.com and get a 30 days free trial.


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Hi Elise!

If you want to use H5P on your own server, it's completely free.

If you want to run H5P hosted on https://h5p.com, you just need to sign up there, can test it for 30 days and then buy a license if you want to.