Find the hotspot in Course presentation


How can I insert "Find the hotspot" in "Course presentation" ?


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I'm afraid that isn't possible at the moment unless you're a developer. We will add it in a future version of Course Presentation.


I'm interested in this as well :)

hi guys,  it is very important to make useful content. 

I think that the course presentation is a very strong tool and it should embed almost everything. I have some coding experience. Could you spare me a hint about where to start to accomplish such a task?

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We have a guide on using libraries within libraries in general. For Course Presentation I think the steps are:

  1. Add Find the Hotspot to the semantics, ref. the guide above
  2. Add Find the Hotspot to the Course Presentation Editor's preloaded dependencies (won't be necessary in the future, but currently it is)
  3. Add an icon for the library to the Course Presentation Editors CSS around the line ".h5p-dragnbar-multichoice-button:before"
  4. Test and fix any problems that might occur
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I followed your steps(1-4). Then I had to change in image-multiple-hotspot-question.js (line133):   }).ready(function () {        to       }).load(function () { 

IT WORKS!!!! (screenshot attached)

But there are some errors (screenshot attached), so I am not sure if its safe to use on production site.

cp-editor.js?ver=1.20.5:653 Uncaught TypeError: that.dnb.setCanPaste is not a function >>>> shows up as soon as I create or edit Pres

GET http://localhost/clemontreal/wp-content/uploads/h5p/content/223/ 403 (Forbidden) >>>> shows when I click on the new button to create a ImageMultipleHotspotQuestion and when I click Done without adding an image.

Anyone can help me solve this?

I am using a local WP instalation.


Is there a Drupal 7 hook for editing the preloaded dependencies? Like there is the hook_h5p_semantics_alter for the semantics.json. If not, what is the best way way to add the Hotspot to the preloaded dependencies?

Thanks for all your help

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I have needed this for all my previous H5P courses! please message me if there is anything we can do to speed up the creation of this.

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You could hire a developer to contribute the code necessary to make it work. The Core Team will then merge it in and make it part of a future release. 

Hi aaespaul

I'm poor coding . 

Can you please tell me how to add image hotspot into course presentation ?


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Hi kangland!

I fear it is not possible without some knowledge of coding. Sorry.