Questions on the Moodle plugin


I'm the administrator of a Moodle site and I want to use H5P by installing the plugin.

Under the heading "Create an H5P activity" on there is a screenshot of the H5P hub. Do I understand it correctly that I have to install every content type via clicking on "Get"? If yes, can I configure H5P in such a way that only the administrator and not the trainers of Moodle have to right to do this?

After completing the installation of the H5P plugin in Moodle, does H5P work as a "standalone plugin/application" or does it have to contact other servers ( for working?

Thank you!


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Hi stem007,

Upgrading the content in the HUB follows the same rules as the installing/upgrading plugins. By default only admins can do this. You are correct you have to install all the contents. To make it faster you can install the more complex content type such as Column, Course Presentation, Quiz (Question Set) etc. these content types also installs all the content types that it uses.

It is almost a standalone application except for the checking if there are any updates to the plugin/content types.