Exporting fill-in-the-blank (and other text based content) as simple text / printable

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Has anyone found a good workaround for providing fill in the blank content as simple text for users with limited digital tools?

I teach in a community college in the US, and in this current time, some of my learners are using phones and other tech with limited functionality (i.e., javascript is off or not functioning, or they have low bandwidth). My colleagues are working with an OER that has 100+ H5P activities in a pressbook.

We would love to, for example, have an interactive fill in the blank exercise, followed by the same text content, so if the H5P doesn't load (or if it needs to be printed to PDF and shared), students would still be able to see the questions (even if they couldn't check the answers automatically -- they can still see the questions, write their answers, and email/text their teacher).

The brute force solution is to copy the text in the H5p content, and paste it into the document/site separately. And we might have the time these days...

I've looked in the forums, and on one level, this is really a feature request, but I'm more interested to see if other users have come up against the same issue and what they might have done that is smarter than just copy+paste.

(And in case someone chimes in with "it shouldn't be that hard to get students to use tech that loads H5P correctly" -- you are not understanding the context of what is going on in the US right now, or the reality of digital literacy and access. That is, unless you have emergency grant funds that you want to contact us about...)

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Hi Dodsoner,

The idea of print to PDF should work if H5P for some reason doesn't work.

But if there are some other ideas out there feel free to post your comments.