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A few weeks ago I shared an example of using Flashcards to make a "Guess the animals" exercise.

I've been testing out different H5P content types, with much the same material, to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each. So next I've tried the same questions, but using the H5P Quiz (Question Set).

So here I'm sharing the "Guess the animals" H5P quiz. Feel free to try it out - my kids really enjoy these. 

The criteria for building this content is:

  • Must work well on a mobile phone - this is a game we play while out and about, in a cafe, etc.

  • Have high quality images (some of the free Apps I found previously have really poor animal photos)

  • Feature genuine learning opportunities through pop-up tips, help text etc.

  • Be easy to use, navigate and read for children - my target audience initially being my daughters aged 4 and 6

  • Must be fun!

Given my criteria above, I've created all the questions as multiple choice, but with just two options. Younger learners can practice their reading as they can sound out the first letter of the two options, and click on the correct choice.

As with the Flashcards I've attributed everything correctly, so if you want to use this content in some way please do! Any feedback on errors, omissions, or any type of improvement please let me know :-)

Note that the H5P Quiz (Question Set) allows for randomisation, which the H5P Flashcards does not.

The ability to zoom in on the image is very cool too !

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Hi Stu,

Thank you for sharing, kids will definitely love this!