Get detailed score from h5p content types in moodle

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I'm seeing the score of h5p actiities in the gradebook panel, but for example if my h5p activity is a memory game I only can see the score (simple 10 points ) but cant find the details the scrore. The same for course presentation, if I have more that one multiple choice question, I can't see de details of each question.

Should I be researching on xapi ? 

I already have a LRS endpoint that Im using for moodle, with the moode xapi plugin. Where should i configure this to h5p ?


Many thaks.

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Hi Sebastian,

Yes, H5P offers basic scoring out of the box but for more detailed scoring you will need to configure your LRS to store the xAPI results from the H5P Content Types. 

I would recommend this piece of documentation regarding scoring in H5P:

- Tim